Rome Tips

Italy, the land of fine food, fine wine, beauty and style. We Italians are famous for many things but lets face it, organisation isn't one of them. Here are a few tips on how to cope with the chaos from some battle-hardened residents of eight centuries.

Avoid the Crowds - You'll get better value for money on everything from your room to your rigatoni if you come in winter - and you'll save countless hours of frustration waiting in line and battling crowds.

Hold onto your Wallet - Where there are tourists, there are swines, swindlers and brazen thieves - be vigilant at all times.

Take a Tour - Mother-tongue English speaking tour guides can invariably be found mooching around major landmarks offering tours - take them. They offer informative tours in a language you can understand and it's by far the best way to fully appreciate what you're seeing.

Avoid Taxis - As mentioned on our location page, taxi drivers in Rome are notorious and even when they're not ripping you off they're very expensive. Avoid them whenever possible.

Wanna Haggle? - Street vendors offer anything from umbrellas to 'designer' handbags, but never agree to pay more than 20% of the first price they quote you.

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Video Tour

Please take our Video Tour and view our Photo Gallery - we'd hate to thing you just took our word for it!

Other useful info:

Medicine: There is a 24 hour pharmacy right in front of Termini Station. For more urgent medical assistance try the Fatebenefratelli Hospital on the Tiber Island or the San Giovanni Hospital near the cathedral of the same name.

Crime: Avoid being the victim of crime as best you can, because there's little can be done after the event.