Possibly the most striking thing about the brand new Torre Colonna luxury Boutique Residence in the centre of Rome is the interplay between modernity and history within the property.

Together medieval and minimalist, contemporary and renaissance, the Torre Colonna is at once unique, aesthetically stunning and luxurious in ways its medieval creators could never have dreamt possible.

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  • Residenza Torre Colonna


    in the heart of Ancient Rome

The Boutique Residence is located at the bottom of Via Nazionale just moments from Piazza Venezia - the very beating heart of Rome. A wonder of architecture, this stunning monument to King Victor Emmanuel II highlights the contrasting and contriving elements of Rome's various historical periods, all visible and jostling for space (the monument sits over the ancient metropolis of the Imperial Roman Forum) just as bars, cafes, restaurants and boutiques do along the cobbled roadways.

  • Residenza Torre Colonna

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The interior design of the Torre Colonna luxury 4 star Boutique Residence in the centre of Rome is both unique and stunning and must be seen to be believed. Each of our five guestrooms has its own individual contemporary minimalist design and all are adorned with works of contemporary art by Natino Chirico.

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  • Residenza Torre Colonna

    About Us

    The Torre Colonna Boutique Residence by Piazza Venezia in the heart of Rome occupies the defensive tower of the same name that was built by the noble Colonna family in the middle of the 13th century.

    The tower stood at the edge of the family's extensive Rome city centre residence and served to help defend the property amid tumultuous times.


The stunning internal design of the Torre Colonna Boutique Residence is rivalled only by our first class location in the very stomach of Rome's historical and commercial city centre. Just moments away is Piazza Venezia, the epicentre of the city and platform of the Victor Emmanuel II monument - known simply as the Vittoriano.

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